Friday, October 9, 2015

Gated Hate and Boundless Hope

When Canada's first elected Jewish politician, Ezekiel Hart, tried to take his seat in Parliament back in 1808, he was kicked out - something was covering his head, the more conservative minded MPs complained.

But Jews are still in Canada, still running for Parliament.

As are Moslems.

And the country is better off for having both of them here.

Hate (shoutout to Stephen Harper !) is a gated community, an inbred, idea-less, declining community.

Instead, to sustain hope of human survival, humanity must adopt the 'share and share alike' microbial HGT attitude to possible solutions.

We can't actually take up the microbial 'Horizontal Gene Transfers' method, but the human equivalent is equally good, albeit social/cultural in nature rather than genetic.

 Call our form of HGT,  'Human "Gen" Transfers'.

Words like Open Access and Public Domain must replace the use of excessive copyrights, patents and brandnames to control and destroy possible solutions to our looming environmental crisis.

But to make it work as well as the microbes' proven survival success via their HGT, humanity must know no frontiers, borders, barriers or gates.

We must become a Big Tent Coalition of all possible talents, seeking any and every possible solution, regardless of what headdress the proposer is wearing...

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