Thursday, October 1, 2015

ConBloc's Fourth Wave Feminism

Bloc & Cons' older, less educated, rural, conservative, white men oppose niqab because (wait for it !) :  'it oppresses women' !

Not because their deepest nightmare is the thought the darkie immigrants might someday re-populate the lands their aryan ancestors had wrestled away from its darkie aboriginals a century earlier, in a sort of a 'Revenge of the Melanin'.

Rather familiar to anyone writing about the opponents of Dr Martin Henry Dawson, this particular brand of hypocrisy.

As in the Fall of 1940, when American medical Isolationists used the excuse that they were preparing for the possibility of intervening to help the small people of Europe (albeit many years too late), as an excuse to stop intervening to deal with the health issues of the small people of America...

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