Saturday, October 24, 2015

When does media say 39% is not a majority ?

In the case of Canada, it is whenever the NDP or the Bloc or (heavens !) the Greens - and not the traditional two biggest/oldest parties - gets a majority of the legislative seats, based upon 39% or less of the popular vote.

Yet in fact, the last true majority at the Canadian national level was almost sixty years ago (!!!!), when Conservative John Diefenbaker got support from 54% of the 80% of the electors who turned out to vote.

Today in Canada 'false majority' parties regularly obtain near total power based on winning just one third of the votes --- from the one half the population that can be bothered to cast a ballot.

FPTP nations : they fake majorities and they fake concern about the environment

It is much is the same in the few environmentally dinosaurish nations that still have FPTP elections, elections designed to fake majorities the way some people fake orgasms.

Most disgusting is the way all the unionized journalists working in the MSM lineup to to call the right wing and centrist parties' victories "majorities" and to only use more accurate term "false majority" whenever the left wing parties win.

With unionized friends like that, the left wing NDP hardly needs to fear corporate enemies...

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