Friday, October 16, 2015

Marrying a woman without seeing her face ?!

If granting citizenship to niqab wearing (but previously bare face revealing) woman makes grown men wet their pants, just try imagining a grown man marrying a woman who doesn't show her face until the priest says "you may now kiss the bride" after the legal and religious part of the ceremony had concluded.

What if you had to spend the rest of your life with the wrong woman ?

You'd do more than just 'number one' in your pants won't you ?

Or maybe not.

Bridal veils

Because when I was a kid, women hiding their faces in public was very common ----- if you were a native born white christian Canadian.

Chic veil attached to fashionable hat

I saw enough brides hidden behind veils at weddings and I often tried to see my mother's face hidden behind a chic little black veil attached to her fashionable hat.

Of course Stephen Harper hadn't even been conceived back then (now there is an unpleasant mental image !) but most of his elderly niqab-hating voters certainly were.

But I feel certain that Dr Jesus will remind humanity, in due course, on that great judgement day, that selective memory is a human disease far more common than dementia and with much more hellish (shall I say ?) consequences .....

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