Tuesday, October 20, 2015

'Climate Deniers' & Trudeau's AV voting

Brand new PM-elect Justin Trudeau got elected partially by advocating a shift to AV voting, simply because it appeared to address growing popular calls for fairer elections but actually would only increase the number of 'false majorities' long enjoyed by his Liberal Party.

But post-coitus, voters should realize that virtually all leading climate deniers are as pro FPTP/AV as Trudeau and then ask themselves, Why?

Simply because FPTP/AV remains the climate deniers' single best bulwark against the one third of the public who are demanding some really serious action on reducing human-made harmful climate change.

It insures that these planet-and-humanity-loving voters never have their voices listened to, in the corridors of power.

Unless elections in the countries most active in leading the charge in opposing climate change action move to PR (proportional representation voting) and soon, we can kiss the planet and all humanity within goodbye.

We humans won't simply become another small part in Earth's sixth mass extinction.

No, we will stand convicted of the crime of murder-suicide, but done on a truly global scale --- while our economic activities murder most of the other species, we ourselves will vote with our cars and all our FPTP/AV elections, to collectively commit suicide...

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