Saturday, October 24, 2015

The inspiration for HFAx2

As a kid, I was convinced WWII only ended because the small penicillin molds began saving kids faster than the Big People could bomb or burn them.

And why not?

As an adult, I discovered that Dr Henry Dawson and Dr Josef Mengele, from vastly opposing moral positions, had totally upended pre-war notions of "Progress" and put the fatal post into Modernity.

After WWII, who really still believed that that Progress was aimed ever upwards from Mother Nature's primitive savagery to Modern Man's civility?

Biological Progress, as (Martin) Henry Dawson intuited, in fact involves all creatures and proceeds in all directions. In any overwhelming global crisis, humanity needs to commit to an Incluterre : a world that seeks to see all possible human and biological diversity inside our "Big Tent" of solutions.

Unfortunately, DINOSAURS from the years of white-anglo-saxon-protestant-progress are still around, still running for office, still trying to keep everyone out of their 'gated community'.

As they did , even during the darkest days of WWII.

By contrast, Dawson acted boldly during that same war, based on his insight that the tiny microbes have survived four billion years of disasters thanks mostly to their Inclusive process of HGT (horizontal gene transferring).

His actions - the brave actions of a dying man - changed our whole world for the better, forever.

Like Dr Dawson, I believe a similar inclusive (Open Source) attitude to transferring humanity-saving knowledge around the world is our HGT.

And perhaps, as we face disaster for humanity and all life on earth, our only hope for survival...

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